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Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
@Aspasa: That was a little funny... I was expecting the video to move. Not just be the single image. But I still don't understand why VLC is only show 15 seconds before stopping even though MediaInfo is telling me this video is over five minutes.

I expect you could get the video to play in Winamp if you added a silent audio track to it.
- sorry about the single image. the truth of the matter is that i've been trying for eons to get my logitech webcam (on win7 host) to work in a virtual/guest win8 session. Finally an update for Oracle's virtual box diddit!

Soooooo, as i wasn't sure how to use/access the redirected webcam device port (in the win8 virtual/guest session), I was doinking around with Oracle'sVB 'Video' icon which, as we know now, creates a .wbem file of the live screen (nothing to do with my webcam!!)

I'm sure it's over 5 minutes because I was futzin' around with it trying to figger what was going on... I will check this and post another. you can click to see if you like.

- I will put speakers on in background this time (picked up through re-directed webcam) and see about this proposed 'with sound' solution.

Thanks for your curiosity, interest and communications. Helpful. A lot!
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