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Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
if you have the K-Lite software installed... then just RIGHT CLICK your webm video file and look at the top of the menu for MediaInfo.

As to the comment above about deleteing in_mkv.dll - that is specific to Winamp. It is a simple way of removing the plugin Winamp is using to decode this file. (If you look into C:\Program Files(x86)\Winamp\Plugins\ you will see all the bits that make Winamp do the magic it does...)
I have MediaInfo v0.7.20 installed. It is not on my Right Click menu (i'm pretty picky about what gets in there) - maybe I should go get the latest from ur link.

So... without the in_mkv then will not WinAmp just use a nother (global?) mkv codec to make it 'decode'?
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