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My MediaInfo is v0.7.65 but I expect that is because I have just updated the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack from that link I sent you. That did mention an update to MediaInfo.

I find it very useful on my Right Click menu. Gets some heavy use from me.

I won't pretend to be an expert.... but if you remove the in_mkv.dll from Winamp's plug folder it will not use Winamp's own decoder. If you then go into the Preferences in Winamp and locate the plugins, you can then find in_dshow.dll. If you then add ;WBEM;MKV to the list of file types in there, Winamp will then use the "Direct Show" codecs installed on your PC. In yours and my case this means Winamp then makes use of what the K-Lite Codec Pack has installed on our PC.

(I don't advise you remove this file... leave it as it is... Winamp is working as expected)

Media Player Classic and Windows Media Player make use of these Direct Show codecs. if you hadn't installed that codec pack then WMP would not be able to place MKV. (Nothing "automatically" goes on line to hunt for this. You control what has been installed)

A program like VLC works differently as everything is built into the program itself and it always uses inbuilt codecs no matter what the OS is setup to.

One of the nice part of Winamp is you can add and remove plugins as you need them. So the theory is you can control what and how video and audio files are decoded.

There are better experts in this thread about codecs and how it all works, but that is the basic idea.
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