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Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
(Nothing "automatically" goes on line to hunt for this. You control what has been installed)

A program like VLC works differently as everything is built into the program itself and it always uses inbuilt codecs no matter what the OS is setup to.

One of the nice part of Winamp is you can add and remove plugins as you need them. So the theory is you can control what and how video and audio files are decoded.
Good to know. Thanks for that indeed.

I didn't mean "automatically" goes on line but i did mean "automatically" searches your local box.... Anyways, thanks for enlightening me.

i'm downloading mega too. then... gonna mess with webm again

So, was it mkv or webm? why was i substitutin one for t'other? is it confusing? is it me that's confused? or, am i in the wrong forum at the right time!!
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