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Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
A program like VLC works differently as everything is built into the program itself and it always uses inbuilt codecs no matter what the OS is setup to.
VLC will use it's own codecs by default, but it does have options that let you select which codec to use (system or VLC) for all file types or selected ones. Since VLC handles almost everything, its best to stick with the default (VLC's own codecs).

BP, you don't look at app options much do you? Just install and go with what you're given? Not a criticism, just an observation. On the other hand, messing with options without understanding the results can 'screw the pooche'.

I found out why I had no sound with my webm file. The sound track is mono, playing on the center channel. My matrix mixer plug-in was set up to distribute the left and right input channels to my 5.1 speaker system. Added the center input channel and bingo, sound. I expected the video sound track to be stereo and didn't check to be sure. I been using stereo files for so long, kinda forgot mono is still being used.

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