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Well this is great news.

I have been a Musicbrainz fan for years and the winamp forum has barely mentioned it apart from the last month or so. With all the "winamp should die as you don't provide gracetone" posts.

It is a much better system for tagging your music collection.


I have spent a lot of time with Musicbrainz and know a fair few inner workings of it.
Finally if you do have proper tags multiple artists sharing the same name can be grouped together properly rather than all lumped under the same name.

I think you will need to decide what MB tags move across. I would suggest as many of them:
MusicBrainz Artist Id
MusicBrainz Recording Id
MusicBrainz Release Artist Id
MusicBrainz Release Group Id
MusicBrainz Release Id
MusicBrainz Track Id

That will give you the best compatibility in the future.
To be honest properly tagged with musicbrainz can led to whole new directions of how you want your player as you can link to a load of stuff.

Can I ask how you are planning to lookup this information?
Your own database (free) copy of Musicbrainz on Winamp servers or using their (paid or free) API? Their free API has lookup limits and I suspect that we could (depending on how many users are left using Winamp) hit those limits. I have not dealt with the licensing to their paid API directly but I do know someone that has.

For the cover art (The Cover Art Achieve). That is a recent addition to Musicbrainz in conjunction with So there is a fair amount to of art missing still but going fairly rapidly.
I suppose you need to work out what level of granularity you need to go down to here. Is a generic cover art for that Release Group ok or do you want it for that actual Release (UK original release from 1999, re-release in Japan 2012, etc). AFAIK lastfm is very generic and will just get (some sort of art).

Musicbrainz goes into so much detail (often why people struggle with Picard) you will need to decide what you want to get out of it. I cannot imagine it will be much fun to select many versions of the release.

Users obviously want (as in any development) a magic button that does everything for them Previously this was Auto-Tag. But when you get options you need to decide what one (or ones) you give the user.

Personally I would be against multiple options for providers but obviously biased. But if you do implement this can have options to turn this off/choose which ones.

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