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The AcousticID is unique for the 'recording' (of a piece of music). That recording can appear on multiple releases.
These recordings are 'tracks' on an album, single, greatest hits and various artists compilations.
So it is not as simple as that.
You really need to take the collection of AcousticIDs for each recording for each release (album, single, etc) to establish which release to assign the correct album, etc.

Musicbrainz goes beyond the use simple tagging. It is a whole database of music.

Musicbrainz will not add any tags. The 19 tags you are referring to is (likely) with the Picard tagger (made by the Musicbrianz people and include the Musicbrainz specific tags that I mentioned). And this could vary with what is in the database, if no field is there for that release you will not always see it in Picard.
You can customise it to provide more fields if you want to.

There are other tags. Release type, record label, cat number, etc that Picard assigns (by default) and some may/may not want these these in the no doubt slimmed down version of the tag capabilities to come in Winamp. I cannot imagine they want the Amazon ID in there for Winamp users.

The current Winamp team (yes, you are a team Daz ;-) ) will have to decide of this. If they wanted who did the cover illustration for that release to be included they could if they wanted too.

Also what version of Picard has different tags the last betas of v1.3 has more v1.2. (there have been hundreds of updates in the beta but they sooooo slow to release them to production)

Personally I am not worried about the "spam", as some refer it, as having a load of information in my tags I find useful. It is a handful of bytes extra for each digital music file and gives me detailed information if I need it.

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