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i used that page to work out what was needed when i did the basic work of adding the fields to a few of the core plug-ins for reading purposes.

if only i was a drinker but i'm really not one and after a full day gardening (hadn't trimmed the hedge for 2 years so that was hard going), i'm now trying to finish off things towards a DNAS release as it needs to be done next week.

and to add to the comment above about using MBids, a lot of the services we've looked at for other things rely / provide them and so it's well worth having decent 'base' support for them since it is a) an additional way to ensure albums are grouped correctly, allows for using local files if trying to use an external streaming service (which is something that was good with the defunct Winamp Cloud behaviour of using local files over server-side where possible), and makes it easier to move between services instead of being linked to a custom set of tags.

so overall from what has been looked into so far, for more openness and usability amongst other systems, it's a better way to go and it's only a handful of tags that may be added (is no guarantee all will be known to add / read anyway) - far more useful than some of the obscure tags that people have requested to be default parts of the UI/library.
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