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Well, I am in the process of ripping my entire library of CD's to Google Play, where I can access them (1) through my Android smartphone, (2) through my Chromecast plugged into my TV, & (3) on any internet-connected PC. And I will always be able to get the files back in the original form. (which totally saved me when my hard drive died last month and was replaced by the manufacturer) :-) I spent months uploading the first ~80%~ of my CD collection, then I got busy with schoolwork for a few months, and now I've come back to finish up. "WHAT?!?! Why aren't the track titles automatically being populated? [hours of research lead me to this thread] OH..."
But here's the thing: all of the info that was held in the freely-accessible CDDB is info that lives in the public domain. What, people have a need to search information that exists in the public domain? THIS SOUNDS -=PRECISELY=- LIKE A JOB FOR GOOGLE! Think about it: "Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." Well Google, you've done an amazing job so far; now put your money where your mouth is and bring this information-search functionality to the Google Play Music Manager app. :-) I've just submitted the idea to the Google Play team, so we shall see...
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