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A simple, but confusing, ipod problem

Some months ago I came on here because my ipod had been partially corrupted. With the help of this forum and an ipod one, I managed to reboot the disk in the ipod and restore almost everything. Meanwhile I created a whole media library in wimamp itself, which I had never done before, which will make it much easier to restore everything if anything goes wrong again. However, I just discovered something really strange.

There is one track, a song, which my ipod refuses to play. It's an mp3 file like all the others. What is even weirder is this: when I hook the ipod up to my computer and find that song on the ipod playlist and click it, winamp plays it just fine. But the ipod, by itself, will not start it--it tries for 10 seconds or so and then moves on to the next song.

Does anyone have any idea how the problem mght be diagnosed/fixed? Thanks.


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