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What's new?
  • Complete re-write based on a new architecture. The basic idea is to serialize all requests and dispatch them into just one worker thread. In particular the serialization takes into account asynchronous requests resulting from the WASAPI device.
  • Round up ("ceil") the size of the ring buffer to the next multiple of Winamp's packet size (576 samples).
  • Special treatment of double buffering, i.e. pull in exclusive mode.
  • Additional options to configure the debug version.

Note: You should re-configure at least the buffer sizes. As a rule of thumb all buffer sizes should be 1.0 except the ring buffer's size which should be just a small amount greater then 1.0.

Originally Posted by returnofthem View Post
I'm trying out this plugin and can't get it to work in exclusive mode at the moment. [...] The "Warning: underflow" just repeats over and over until I pause or stop the playback.
Possibly this is addressed by the secound bullet point of the above announcement ("ceiling" of the ring buffer's size to a multiple of 576 samples). Please reset the configuration of the buffer sizes as explained in the note above.
Originally Posted by chros View Post
there's a different behaviour now (from 0.8.1), it won't crash winamp immedately, but:
- won't start playback then it waits
- when stop button is pushed: then crashes
Hope that there's some further improvement due to the third bullet point of the above announcement (special treatment of double buffering).
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