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Originally Posted by musicf8 View Post
I have Soundblaster Z on Windows 10 64bit, and my winamp rarely if ever crashes, plus my winamp is open for days because it's always running if the computer on. I have a feeling it's something related to files trying to be played or some bad plugin. If you are watching videos, then it could be a bad video file, if not then it could be screwed up tags. There's too many variables.

I would try running winamp with NO 3rd party plugins, see if you still crash. If it still does then it's either a bad file or something is off in the system
Crashing happens only when playing internet radio, channel doesn't seem to matter. There is daily variation how often crash happens, today crashing was intense. Shortest playing time was 1 second, and several crashes after 1-5 minutes, then it might take 3-5 hours for next crash. I also noticed a crash after radio was on pause for like 30mins.

Different driver version doesn't help, there is only 3 versions for SBZ. There has been no other problems with anything sound related, and no other programs crashing without reason. Crashing started some months ago, it was rare at first, and steadily increasing all the time. Also crashing continued right after windows reinstall, like that format never happened.

Only 3rd party plugin I have used is streamripper, same version for years. Now i switched output plugin from directsound to waveout, and running 30 mins so far.
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