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I'm glad to see this topic is still active.

I have tried using these two INetC plugins:

In this example I am including the username and password which I think is supposed to send automatically to the proxy server without the pop up Windows/web/whatever authorization screen:

inetc::get /proxy localhost:80 /username wut /password oic "" "$instdir\test_setup.exe" /end
pop $0
messagebox mb_ok "$0"

But the auth screen still pops up every time (attached, hopefully, below).

If I don't put in the information the messagebox says "Cancelled" and the download fails.

If I manually type in the username and password in the auth dialog (which is redundant since it was supposed to be passed automatically) the download works and the messagebox says "OK".

I also tried /USERNAME and /PASSWORD but I don't think case matters and I tried /weaksecurity but I don't think that's the right angle anyway.

What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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