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Thanks, it's brilliant.

Just tried that and it doesn't seem to be working, unfortunately. Shitloads of errors in the log file:

167.090 07/20/2008 23:05:52 CScrobbler::SubmitSong Cannot send - Handshake didn't complete
297.728 07/20/2008 23:08:03 CScrobbler::GetURL ERROR - ReqID 2, HttpSendRequest - A connection with the server could not be established (12029) -
297.778 07/20/2008 23:08:03 CScrobbler::ThreadCallback ReqID 2, Submission is '', Response is , Status Code 0
297.818 07/20/2008 23:08:03 CScrobbler::ParseReponse ERROR - Response was invalid
297.858 07/20/2008 23:08:03 CScrobbler::ThreadCallback ERROR - ReqID 2, Last response from the server was unreadable ()

Thanks for your help, gaek.

I've noticed something a bit odd: when I put in my password, then save and open the config window up again, the number of dot characters is longer than the number of characters in my password. Pretty weird.

Maybe Daz will see this and kindly throw some of his magic at it, if it's fixable and it's not just something stinking in my computer.
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