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Shoutcast questions: VPS, max users

Hello all!

I setup a shoutcast server to a low end vps, just for learning and testing.
I know that if there is no transcoding on server's side and actually just retransmit what exactly you stream, there will be no cpu/memory load in the server's side. Actually, I opened 4 streams (with no listeners or 1-2 just for testing) and loads are almost zero.
I have this question: if I have 100 - 200 users listening to streams (no transcoding, auto djing or anything else in server, just retransmitting the same stream/bitrate/type to listeners) will be there any huge server load?

Another question is on configuring Shoutcast server V.2 . Is there any way to the .conf files or a script to set the maximum bitrate to each stream? There is a way to limit the maximum simultaneous users but I can't find a way to limit max bitrate to 64 or 128Kbps. I tried to use [Bitrate=128000] to my .conf file but that doesn't work.

A last question: is there a way to monitor free if a stream works? Like with pingdom in websites?

Just for informing purposes, my testing vps for shoutcast is low end box: 192MB memory, 2 core cpu (cat /proc/cpuinfo), 1TB bandwidth, 50GB disc space and good specs for LEB in I/O's, speed etc.)

Thanks, John
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