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Originally Posted by thinktink View Post
The only thing I can do right now is to provide just an updated version of the core opus library dll with no guarantees it will work on any platform earlier than Win10. I'm attaching it in a zip file, you'll have to manually copy and replace the file labeled "libopus-0.dll" in the "opusfile" folder in the Winamp install directory. No ambisonics support from in_bpopus.dll or enc_bpopus.dll yet. You can however benefit from the other performance and security improvements in the meantime. You'll know you've updated the file correctly if you open the plugin's [About] box and see the text "Opus Library version: libopus 1.3" at the bottom.
I just ran across an issue with using the updated dll on WinXP. Dependency on VS2015 runtime. Download here:

Even if you're not on WinXP, if you find the message about the library unavailable in any of the associated about boxes then download and install the redistributable from Microsoft in the link above.
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