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Winamp 5.581 in_wm startup crash

Sometimes, when I start Winamp 5.581, it crashes on startup with generic Windows XP error message (you know, where it asks you if you want to send an error report), regarding the in_wm file. This startup crash happens randomly, without any warning at all.

Temporary work-around: Hold both CTRL keys while launching Winamp (the Classic skin will load). Go to Preferences > Plugins > Input, go to Windows Media (in_wm.dll), and reset its settings to defaults. Next, try playing an MP3 file. After that, close Winamp. Next time you launch it, it SHOULD open with Modern (or Bento) skin. I sad "it SHOULD", because there's a possibility that it will simply crash again.

My config:
Windows XP Pro SP3
Winamp 5.581 (using Modern skin and Wave Out output plugin)
Windows Media Player 10
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