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not sure without trying tbh and possibly depends on the skin being used as well as to what is already shown for the tooltip.

for classic skins i already had the plug-in to do it, but doing it natively would be better so we've parity between modern and classic skins - only issue is getting classic skins updated as it needs extra image parts (or i do like i did in the plug-in and overlay a symbol over it).

could also make it so for classic skins, changing the repeat state (and shuffle as well) puts a brief message in the song ticker (like the modern skins do) so the changing of the state can be seen (which the plug-in couldn't possibly do).

only issue i can see is that we're then potentially changing how repeat seemingly works so not sure if that'd need to be made into an opt-in/opt-out behavioural change for classic skins. so probably a fair bit more work than just copy+pasting my old plug-ins code into things.
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