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List of Best WinAmp Plugins?

Recently ive decided to go back to Winamp being my player of choice, mainly due to the Autotagger function of it thats managed to fix up a good deal of my 25k tunes and plugins that allow it to play some extremely obscure formats (like music from old video games and such). That and ive seen some pretty badass visualizations that id just loove to try out!

However, i dont know where to start even! (i did a clean install of Windows so i lost my prev list of plugins and everything Winamp related) And looking through Winamp's list of plugins, theres quite alot of... how do you say... rubbish, to put it nicely. A good deal of the stuff available from what ive seen were basically just DSP's and unusable cartoonish looking skins.

So i come to the forum, where several of the plugin developers themselves and users of Winamp that know best can guide me to know the best that Winamp has to offer!

What do you guys use, and why? So far ive come to discover FFSoX that brings FFMPEG's ability to play virtually anything to Winamp, but what else is there?

If you know any other plugins that extend Winamp's ability to play more formats please tell!
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