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it's a loaded gun as at what point do you decide a plug-in is no longer supported as well as hacking plug-ins to circumvent registration, etc often isn't the simplest of things to do.

and even if you remove the restrictions in said plug-ins, it still won't help with OS and Winamp compatibility issues which are most likely present due to the inherent age of those plug-ins.

so I understand the point, but on a practical point, it's a lot of work and there's never a guarantee it'll work correctly depending on the age of the plug-in and how it was protected. and is trying to revive locked / dead plug-ins from yesteryear such a good thing to do... ?

to those wanting then, then yes. but it doesn't reflect well that there's too much reliance still on plug-ins from so early in Winamp's existence that end up causing more issues and make Winamp look bad when it's the plug-ins that are the fault and that's not something that can be resolved (as no one wants to make plug-ins, even before the sale and uncertainty arose).
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