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The main issue I see with plugins is that there are features / functions people still want (often new users look for it too) and the only way to get it are old / unsupported plugins. So Winamp is stuck in a grey area where no one would re-do or update those plugins, but the old ones (of which most still work fine) are unsupported or have some sort of pay-wall impossible to circumvent (for the average user) even though people would pay for it if they could.

But what I propose is not doing some sort of "official" intervention to make those plugins available again, that's not Winamp's area, I´d just let users - devs do the job and from here just point to the "new" release instead of the old one.

The thing about plugins "making Winamp look bad" is true, but maybe it should be weighted against "Winamp by itself doesn't do what I want (but an old plugin does)". But that's a whole other subject..

All in all it really doesn't matter what we think, because to begin with, these kind of things are actually up to the community to do, not Winamp officially. Winamp can't be seen involved on such issues or determine something to do over the third party developer's property.
It's more of a community thing to solve and the only thing left for Winamp to do -if any- is to assume some position, but for that, first, someone should patch a plugin (fixing issues on the go or just avoiding time-limiting stuff) and -like we say here- THEN we can talk again..
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