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Big Bento Modern Beta 0.93

After so so long, I'm pleased to present you my last skin, Big Bento Modern.

The skin is as complete and usable as possible, but THIS IS STILL BETA, so there are some compromises / bugs I need you to keep in mind (most may be invisible, depending on your music habits), SO CHECK THE README FILE inside the skin folder.
If you find there is a simple solution for any of the known bugs, please let me know, I'm all ears.

* BBB >> Bigger / Better / Beautiful (translates into: High-res friendly / lots of features / modern style)
* File info panel has a better approach on covers and readability
* Multi-tools panel with highly customizable buttons
* Playlist info with never-seen-before info mix
* Huge, more complete and actually usable Skin settings page
* Cooler EQ page
* Integrated Lyrics and Youtube video finder (using your favorite web browser of course)
* Translate-friendly setup (more on this soon)
* Lots more, just try it.

HUGE UPDATE 03/11 (v0.93):
New = Spanish Winamp Language pack (wlz) (use included "wasabi.xml" to translate the skin to your own language). NOTE: Currently not working on WACUP (probably later)
New = "Skin Tips" (toggable from Skin Settings or through Right Click).
New = Search Playlist animation on click + visual clues to denote functionality (funnier when no results ).
New = Songticker and Times animation on load.
New = Right Click menu on Songticker is way more intuitive and useful (except for the "Send to" menu..).
New = (Playlist Search) Added Escape key trigger + Hover state to the whole area (more intuitive).
New = (Skin settings) Vertical scrollbars appear when needed (EQ tab too).
New = (Skin settings) "About the skin and the skinner" new page.
New = (Skin settings - Notifier) New option to show album or playback controls.
New = (Skin settings - Notifier) New option to hold notification open when mouse is above.
New = (Skin settings - Appearance) Option to set Winamp logo's visibility (Thanks DJPete).
New = (Side Playlist Album art) Added button to hide it (hidden, appears only on hover).
New = Equalizer tab has a little icon indicating if it's on.
New = (Shade) Right click on Switch button minimize Winamp.
Fixed = (Notifier) "Track XXXXXX of XXXXXXX" now is not truncated when displaying large strings (thanks Zackbuffo).
Fixed = (Notifier) Title now is properly displayed (with track time) when displaying long titles (thanks Zackbuffo).
Fixed = (Skin settings) Background rectangles change (and refresh) according to color themes.
Fixed = Display info no longer shows "Next / Previous track" nor "Stop playback" when nothing was playing (thanks Pawel).
Fixed = Custom buttons (formerly "Prog Buttons") only show info over songticker when set, not before (a lot more clean now).
Fixed = Play animation properly returns to 0 when stopped WHILE the animation is playing.
Fixed = "Current Playlist Info" no longer "steals" visible Playlist.
Fixed = Tabs tooltips.
Fixed = When volume is 0, Notifier text color changes to red and returns to yellow if volume is not 0.
Fixed = (EQ settings) Disabling / Enabling Crossfade does changes text color inmediately.
Fixed = "Slap close" (quickly exit -with Winamp maximized- by clicking the far top right corner) fixed.
Fixed = (File info) Background flashes above data while Winamp was docked (thanks Pawel).
Fixed = Bass and Treble thumbs are now centered when refreshing the skin.
Improved = Less chances that File info labels ("Kbps", "hz") end up truncated when using custom fonts (thanks Pawel).
Improved = Added outline to generic windows so it doesn't blend with the player itself.
Improved = "Notifier" references changed to a more standard "Notifications".
Improved = "Show Playlist Tab" is now on "Playlist" settings (makes more sense and clears some space on "Appearance").
Improved = (Skin Settings - Notification) Sub-menu text (colored in purple) changed to actual text objects (99% of the skin's text is not an image now).
+ lots of minor gfx fixes and improvements

Head here for download: Big Bento Modern beta 0.93

NOTE: Just like Bento / Big Bento, this skin works loose in its own folder, so just unzip it on your skins folder.
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