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Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
... When you can, please look inside the .m file and see if you can find why the "IF" condition is not working on the System.onstop part.
I am looking at it right now but am not going too deep into coding since it is getting late in Western Europe ...

I question though: why do you use (for example) PlayButton.onLeftClick() and System.onPlay() with the same content in the same script? I always thought the latter was enough.

OK. Another question so I understand it properly: System.onStop() means: in case the Status is PAUSED and the user hits the STOP button the animation frame number (0) should appear. Is this correct? I am namely not very familiar with the STATUS usage outside of System.onScriptLoaded(). According to what I have done in Quinto, this is the place where the STATUS is determined and particular functions/options are executed. For example I just had the orange circle around the PLAY sign, hit F5 and the orange circle changed to gray which is a sing that a STATUS query is definitely missing in the System.onScriptLoaded() part of the script, hence this STATUS is not updated.

And since you have chosen the PLAY/PAUSE option in one button, it is (for me) just a little bit confusing what STATUS is currently running. The Skin also changes the color of the circle, so it will take a while to remember whether I look at PAUSE or STOP.

But we'll get there, don't worry...
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