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Originally Posted by PeterK. View Post
Yes, I noticed there is one which changes its looks from PLAY sign to PAUSE sign and the second one is the RING changing its colors. Right?
Yeah, I just fixed it! (and now just lost a detailed post because session expired on the browser ).

See the WACUP post for new downloads!

Apparently, the Status_paused is not being read by System.OnStop, so Winamp ignored that condition all the time. My fix was to "tie" the Stop action to the animation frames.
So now all 4 animations are triggered when supposed to:
1. From "Music Stoped" to "Play Music" (ring GREY to PURPLE)
2. From "Play Music" to "Pause Music" (ring purple to YELLOW)
3. From "Play Music" to "Stop Music" (ring purple to grey)
4. From "Paused Music" to "Stop Music" (ring yellow to grey) << this one was not working
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