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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Of course it is your choice as the designer, but why use the colors grey and purple? Isn't red a more universal (and intuitive) color to indicate stop and green to indicate go (i.e. play)?
That's really a matter of how is integrated on the design, red is also universally used as a warning, so it's used for that when volume is muted (even on the color of the Notifier text!). Stopped is gray to associate it better with "no action", like if the ring was disabled. Purple is used across the skin as a signal of temporary attention (hover states, seek, etc) and yellow (orangish) is for constant attention (things that stay LONGER on the same state or don't change from one track to track, or point to activated states, like pause).
As you can see, I thought it trough, so I'm glad you've asked

PS: being on the works for so long is perfectly possible that I betrayed my own reasoning at some point, on some part of the skin, or had to recur to one of the 2 colors when another one was actually needed, but I think it's not the case on the playback buttons particularly.
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