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I myself always do copy & paste with the skins, presets, textures, and I use the skins as .wsz-files, .wal-files and .zip-folders. I didn't have used another open folder yet than these 3 which come already with the Winamp Installer.

I have seen the screenshots. Big Bento Modern Beta is very different from the other SUI-Skins (Bento, Big Bento, cPro, cPro2, cProXUI, Komodo X Touchscreeen). So I don't know, if I will load them. I myself love to have the tabs above, if I watch the Milkdrop Visualizer, and Milkdrop 2 really should sit 100% symmetrical for me.

Maybe I will try out Big Bento Modern Beta without having Milkdrop 2 running. I have read the .txt-files in my examination-section outside of Winamp, and I hope, Winamp will not crash, if I use the notifier (but I do that only on my notebook, on my PC I have set it to "never show").

I am already sure before I have seen Big Bento Modern Beta with my own eyes, You have done a good work...

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