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Finally I had dared, and I wanted to see the latest 3 versions of this skin, but I didn't see them, not on my Workstation PC with Windows Vista, not on my notebook with Windows 7.

Is that, because I myself have no computer with Windows 10? Or is that because I didn't unzip the skin and pasted the 3 versions directly as .zip-folders into the skins folder? The satuim-skins can be loaded as .wal-files (but not the skins by harpyhag and by unfiltered-n).

If I have no other choice than to use the unzipped version instead (the latest), then I want to be sure, that I can use it side-by-side with the default Bento and the Big Bento from the original Winamp Installer. I myself want to keep also these 2 originals.

If side-by-side is possible, hopefully also my collections in the folder "ColorThemes" with its 3 subfolders will work...

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