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'Tracks' field name for filtering in Smart View not working? [SOLVED]

This post / thread is actually being posted in place of what was meant to be a reply to a thread I started earlier. For some reason, it is not here anymore. I either managed not to post it properly or it got deleted for some reason.

Anyway . . .

I was trying to use Smart View to filter the enteries in the Media Library according to the number of tracks existing under an Album name. I didn't want Albums to be displayed where a file had only used that Album name once. To try and achieve this I used the 'Tracks' field name in Smart View and set the variables to 'is above' and '1'.

I didn't take a proper look at what was going on in the Media Library list.

It did do something, just not what I was hoping for or was expecting.

It seems that this filter option will only include in its results files which have id3v2 entries (not id3v1), which allow you to add data for the total amount of tracks for that album in the 'Track #' field. For example '05/10' (meaning track 5 of 10) will be included in the filtered results but not '05'.

If this has helped you in anyway, please post a reply to let me know it has been worthwhile me writting this and that there is a chance it will be worthwhile doing something similar in the future.
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