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It's not about sorting the tracks ordinally according to their 'track #' number. It's about filtering out tracks that are the only ones that have a particular album name. So if you have one track from an album, you don't want to see that.

There is a 'tracks' column (not to be confused with the 'track #' column), this will display the total number of tracks that you have with a particular album name.


There is a work around for it as I have just discovered, I don't know why I didn't figure this out or bother figuring this out last time . . .

- Get up an 'album' view with a total track ('tracks') column.

- Order the entries so all the albums with a single track are at the top.

- Select the first entry then scroll down and 'shift' click on the last single track entry.

- In the wider segment below the album view, it will show all the tracks you've selected in the album view. Select all of the tracks in the wider segment, right click, then select either. .

'edit metadata for selection' . . . or . . . 'view file info'

each one will give you a different set of things to edit, I'm not sure about the logic of having the two seperate options or why it gives you the 'update file tag(s) if supported' toggle in the 'edit metadata. .' option (why else would you select this option other than to update the data?!)

The idea now is to select a field which you think will not have any important/useful info it or one which you don't mind losing the info from. This is so you can enter you own info in the field.

I chose the 'category' field which I found when clicking on the 'edit metadata for selection' option. For all the tracks that had a unique entry in the album field, I simply entered '1', this can now be used for filtering purposes in Winamp. Obviously this can then be done for files which share an album title with one other file by giving them (yes you guessed it) the number '2' in the category field, and so forth.

Hope that helps.

An alternative way around it is to find a program that can automatically add all the total track info into the id3v2 tags, but that would be a right pain in the bum.

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