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Originally Posted by muel2002 View Post

It's not about sorting the tracks ordinally according to their 'track #' number. It's about filtering out tracks that are the only ones that have a particular album name. So if you have one track from an album, you don't want to see that.

There is a 'tracks' column (not to be confused with the 'track #' column), this will display the total number of tracks that you have with a particular album name.
so you solved this by just adding id3v2 tags?

Originally Posted by muel2002 View Post
Spenlinhauer'edit metadata for selection' . . . or . . . 'view file info'

each one will give you a different set of things to edit, I'm not sure about the logic of having the two seperate options or why it gives you the 'update file tag(s) if supported' toggle in the 'edit metadata. .' option (why else would you select this option other than to update the data?!)
b/c you can just update the ML without updating the tags.

and two options b/c one is for mass edits, and the other for individuals.

Originally Posted by muel2002 View Post
An alternative way around it is to find a program that can automatically add all the total track info into the id3v2 tags, but that would be a right pain in the bum.
so to use the tracks criteria in smartview, it has to be id3v2, and the info must be entered as 07/13 ?

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