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without knowing if you're hosting the stream or using a hosting provider / CDN, see if the requirements on (when clicking the 'show more' buttons) are something you meet. if in doubt, please use the 'Ask us!' link on the page. either way, you'd need to be using a current DNAS and not the old unsupported one that your stream is current running on i.e. you need to be using a 2.4+ DNAS rather than a 1.x DNAS (as you currently are).

and unrelated to above, please stop making multiple posts in threads not related to anything (and even posting information not at all relevant) in an attempt to pimp the link to your station as it's verging on violation of the post pumping rule that you agreed to abide by when signing up for the forums.

the above warning has been ignored and the un-appropriate posts / threads have now been removed. any further instance will lead to further actions.
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