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After spending the past week testing and trying various things to
rectify my buffering problem, I think *fingers crossed* I have finally
found what the cause was and so far it all seems to work with no
buffering issues.

Testing under Windows 10 update 1803

I can confirm that running another 'Stand Alone Encoder', I tried
MB Recaster, it also had the buffering problems too.

So I ruled out it being a specific problem with an encoder.

I then Dropping back again to a Windows 10 backup image 'pre update 1803'

Re-tested with Shoucast Encoder, and everything works fine with no
buffering. Also with MB Recaster there was no buffering either.

So I was now 100% sure that it was something in the 1803 Windows 10 update
that has caused the buffering problem.

What I eventually found out was..

After checking my audio drivers pre and post Win 10 update 1803
I noticed that the High Definition Audio Device drivers were


version 10.0.17134.228

So I then trawled the iNet to see if anyone else had this problem
and after about 4hrs of searching and narrowing my search down
to people who had audio problems with my specific laptop after
the Windows 10 update 1803. I finally stumbled upon this thread:

In which a poster stated that they installed an older version of the
Intel Rapid Storage Driver, driver version, for a client
who had audio problems and it had worked.

So I tried this.... and low and behold no more buffering problems !! Result LOL.


So I can definitely state that it was the 1803 update that has caused the buffering problem,
as I these drivers must have been updated.

Obviously the above remedy worked for me for my specific machine,
but hopefully this may help other people know where to look if they have
similar buffering problems.

Thanks again for everyone who replied to this post, much appreciated.

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