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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
If you used the support system or sent an email to support@ then please bump your ticket.

Make sure you include the email address associated with your RadioManager account, and the exact name of the station.

A working public stream url would also help
plus confirmation you are using the authhash from the RadioManager.

Most common causes for this particular problem (with DNAS stations)......

1. You are hosting the DNAS yourself but your IP is dynamic, not static.
i.e. your public ip address changes every time you either reboot the comp or restart the modem/router.

The YP caches stream url's for a certain length of time and is still using the old ip.
It will eventually update, but your ip# might change again in the meantime.


Use a DynDNS service to bind your ip to a domain, e.g. or whatever.
Use the destip= and publicip= lines in sc_serv.conf to link to said dynamic DNS,
then your stream url will always work, regardless of the changing ip#

2. Your stream is http not https, but you're trying to play it via on latest Chrome browser.


- Use instead.
- Don't use Chrome
- Get an ssl cert for a dns to make your stream https

(native support in 2.6 premium, 3rd-party hosting providers might also provide an ssl solution, or for older DNAS versions use
SO,I changed my browser to Mozilla Firefox,they provide an extension -HTTPS EVERYWHERE,is that enough?..I reboot my laptop but IP did not change,so,it is not dynamic....Tried HTTP version in Shoutcast directory of my radio- unable to play stream. Still I need this SSL cert?...And any idea why HTML5 player link of my radio doesnt play as well,please?
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