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This is how I generally handle a multi-disk set:

\MP3\Electronic\Paul Oakenfold - Global Underground, Oslo\

Is where I store the songs on my PC for this multi-disk Album. (In this case each track also has a unique artist.) Then within it, files are named like:

(album artist) - (album) - (track) - (track artist) - (title).ext
Paul Oakenfold - Global Underground, Oslo (Disc 1) - 01 - Artemis - Elysian Fields.mp3
Paul Oakenfold - Global Underground, Oslo (Disc 2) - 01 - Bedrock - Forbidden Zone.mp3

This matches the meta data within the file as I use mp3tag to create the filename based on the tag information. In this case, both CDs have an album-artist of Paul Oakenfold and the Artist is whatever the track artist is. Yeah, dealing with these Electronic mix CDs can get a bit tricky. In the ML, it does kind of treat (Disc 1) and (Disc 2) as separate albums as the album names are technically different. I also use a leading zero for my track numbers so Windows and what not will sort them better.

Can't really help with the Android stuff since I'm still using a "dumb" phone.
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