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Thank you for all the replies, people. Very helpful.

I think I've managed to sort most of my albums out by using TagScanner (I had tried this before but never noticed the Tag Processor which allows you to look up the albums online on Amazon, etc and then modify them according to the data they have - this appears to have fixed a large number of them) I have also been adding disc numbers and track numbers using a leading zero like you have suggested.

I do have some rogue albums though that whatever I save them as in TagScanner (after acquiring the data in the Tag Processor from the internet) they just won't save certain things, like album art for example, and it will just stay empty. Seems a bit hit and miss with some albums.

One of the things that prompted all this was Windows 8's media player saying "Your music files aren't showing correctly. Click here to learn how to fix this" - and after clicking, it went to a webpage which said nothing of the sort about how to fix the problem - helpful!!

It's quite rewarding when you get some of it all sorted though. Even though I still have some way to go.
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