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I don't really understand the problem here for the desktop player. I have a load of multi dance compilation 'cd's'

I have mine all tagged via Musicbrainz using the Musicbrainz Picard tagger and it all works fine.
I have mine in 1 folder rather than xyz disc 1 and xyz disc 2, etc (I did think thi swas teh modern way of doing things to be honest)
And for filenames (irrelevant for winamp reading it as it reads the tags) 1-01 artist - track, 1-02,..2-01,2-02, etc

I set the DiscID tag so they have the disc number set.
Winamp understands this but I had to set winamp up I think so it sorted it automatically in some cases. I have attached a screenshot.

Now if you are just talking about the Andriod version well that last I looked it had a fair few bugs where it didn't look at the albumartist, etc so for compilations it was next to useless.
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