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Hmm, so much for my theory then....
pmp_usb.dll is present.

A "Winamp has detected a new usb drive. Would you like Winamp to manage this drive?" prompt should appear when you first connect a usb drive when Winamp is running.
Did you maybe select "No" to this prompt, at some point?

Whilst the usb drive is connected to the system, go to:
Winamp > Prefs (Ctrl+P) > Plugins > Portables > USB Device plugin (pmp_usb.dll) > Config

Select the relevant drive letter from the drop-down list.
(Go to the "Computer" folder in Windows Explorer to find out the assigned drive letter, if you don't know it)

If you ever said "No" to the manage prompt, then the "Blacklist Drive" button will say "Unblacklist Drive" instead.

Click that button ONLY if it says "Unblacklist Drive" (not if says "Blacklist Drive").

Click the "Connect Drive" button.

Does the drive connect now?

Note that you might need to close & reopen Winamp for the changes to take effect.

Or does the corresponding drive letter not even show in the drop-down list?

Note that the Android plugin (pmp_android) also has the same config options
(also note that this is for Android USB connection only, not wifi)
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