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Wow! Such a long post! It really shows there is a lot of work there, so let me give you some suggestions from the perspective of a graphic designer and winamp user to make the post better, to help more people and maybe get the post to be "sticky" :
  • You can make the post a bit shorter, there is too much text unneeded, for example you put a link by saying you will and then the link, it can be easily shorter by just putting the link.
  • Add some formatting, put some difference between titles, body text, important notes, etc (bold, italic, underline and colors -well used- are your best allied).
  • At the beginning of the post, you name some stuff that isn´t quite known so not everybody gets what it is (xy-VSFilter, MADVR, etc), throwing some links there would be helpful.
  • Pictures would be ideal, but I know that is harder.

There is more but I think I made a point thus far.

I formated this post in a way you can get a picture of what I mean, but if you want I can give a bit of design-formatting to the entire post and send you the code (I kinda like to do it, it´s "designers exercise"), then you can contact DrO and ask him to update the 1st post with the updated one (you´ll have to post the new one as a comment in this thread, he will do the rest).
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