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After some playing around and researching this morning, I have discovered for certain formats and .flv, you need both LAV Video and ffdshow working together in order to get proper playback. This doesn't work out very well with Winamp, because it has no way to set the Merit of certain codecs inside of it's code.

I have however, found a much better solution after a lot more hard work. Most "pre-built" codec packs are already configured to work well. I decided to try a few, even those that have failed me in the past.

CCCP failed me as before, but after some more research I found that K-Lite has a new mega pack, version 10. The pack included 32 and 64 bit codecs. Not only does this pack have haali media splitter, ffdshow, LAV video, and subtitle support, but it even comes with it's own version of Icaros for windows thumbnailing and the DirectShow tweaker.

I gave the pack a try, and after a few hours of fooling around I was able to use it to successfully to play back all formats. I can confirm playback of all previous formats that were working, as well as .flv with LAV work on my modern desktop, and my older laptop using ffmpeg works as well (without acceleration of course).

I have created a new PDF guide. It has been improved further with new images, and a bit better layout for easier reading. The guide has larger images with a bit higher quality, resulting in a 30 page PDF file, but the installation has been greatly simplified due to reducing 5 installs into one.

Only downside is any previous codecs will need to be removed AGAIN, that includes everything. The pack has everything to make video playback work correctly - included LAV Splitter and subtitles (which is why in the previous guide the LAV splitter option was unchecked).

Links to the (hopefully) final new PDF guide

Skydrive Link:!10130

Google Drive Link:
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