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Hi LoliHunter,

Good and fast work.

Shark007 frowns on all other codec packs, especially K-Lite. That's to be expected and he was putting down an earlier version of K-Lite. He is also focused on getting WMP to play everything, so I will give your new procedure a try. Hopefully it will also solve the Winamp audio playback issue with my mp4 movie files with 5.1 audio tracks.

Anyway, you stress a clean install of Winamp as being a good idea and there is no mention of the Winamp Essentials Package. According to the Winamp developers, it contains some 'w5s' plug-ins (for installation in the Winamp/System folder) that are supposed to work in conjunction with some of the 'dll' plug-ins in the Winamp Pro install (in_flv.dll for one). I assume these 'w5s' plug-ins should not be used with your setup. You maybe should make an explicit mention of this in your guide.

I forgot to mention earlier that I was able to play my flv files in Winamp with these 'w5s' plug-ins, before I made the changes from your first guide.

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