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Hi LoliHunter,

All my movie and music video files, that I have tested so far, are working in Winamp (and WMP) with your new procedure. I've randomly picked files with the following formats: AVI, FLV, MKV, MP4, and MPG. My audio files also play without any issues. So, I would say your new procedure is a success!

Thanx again for your hard work and generosity. I'm a lot closer to having Winamp handle all my digital media files.

The Essentials Package includes more than video related plug-ins. One or more of the other things in the pack are useful to many Winamp users and do not interfere with the video and audio playback. I just deleted the video related ones and kept the others that I use.

Even though your procedure appears to work, I doubt Nullsoft will endorse it because it requires removing some of their official and/or recommended plug-ins (instead of just adding codecs and reconfiguring). But I would not worry about that if your procedure allows others to get Winamp to play videos, that it otherwise has problems playing.

For example, I've discovered that the issue with my mp4 movie with the 5.1 audio track is due to the DirectSound (DS) output plug-in and not your procedure. I had set the K-Lite installer's Speaker configuration option to "Same as input" because I have files with stereo and 5.1 audio tracks. With Winamp, I let the 5.1 files play natively, or patch in a 3rd party output plug-in (ahead of DS) to up-mix the stereo ones, for use with my 5.1 speaker system.

Anyway, your procedure allows LAV (and ffdshow?) to render audio up to 32-bits per sample, which it did for that movie. DS appears to have problems with 32-bit audio. Winamp is supposed to pass through 24-bit audio and surround sound (when told to do so), but it works best with 16-bit stereo. If I reconfigure LAV's audio processing to provide 24 bits or less, then DS is able to output the audio. Even then, the 6 channels are still not sent correctly to my soundcard driver. Some channels are louder or softer than they should be, so the audio sounds distorted when the overall volume is turned up far enough to clearly hear people talking in the movie. WMP is able to send the 32-bit surround sound correctly at all overall volume levels.

As for improvements for your guide, I came across 3 things that were probably more to due with my computer's configuration than anything else, but I think I should mention them.

1. I had a different version of MPC-HC installed, that the K-Lite installer offered to remove before doing anything else. I let it do so, and since I used "Profile 2: Default (without player)", I did not install the version that comes with K-Lite.

I forgot MPC-HC was even on my computer, since I had been using VLC for problem videos. I had not uninstalled VLC either, but K-Lite ignored it. I now remember there are a few other video player apps on my computer. I have tried a lot over the years. They either use the system codecs or have their own, like VLC. Fortunately, their presence have not caused problems with your solution.

2. The K-Lite installer offers to setup file format associations for WMP. This step can be skipped, or if used, I know that any associations made can be changed later using Windows "Default Programs" utility. But it was a surprise because the guide did not mention this step.

3. While installing the selected items, the K-Lite installer flagged 4 or 5 invalid codec reference errors in my registry. I let it delete them. These references were probably left behind by the uninstallers of prior codec packages and/or video player apps. Many (most?) uninstallers that come with their apps often leave bits and pieces behind.

I generally make before and after snapshots of my registry when installing and uninstalling stuff. Then I can compare the snapshots and spot and remove these kind of things before they cause trouble. Sometimes I use a 3rd party uninstaller that is supposed to clean up behind the native uninstallers. But I've been skipping these steps too often lately and it is probably time to wipe everything (OS included) and start over with a clean slate.

Winamp Pro v5.666.3516 fully-patched - Quinto Black CT v3.1 skin
Windows 10 Home 64-bit v2004 desktop - Logitech Z906 5.1 speaker system

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