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I've never gotten any malware from using the web based Ummy installer. The only PUP I've ever gotten along with Ummy is OpenCandy. Several developers use OpenCandy to enhance their income. AOL included it in the Winamp installer for years. There is no need to install the stuff that OpenCandy suggests.

OpenCandy is easy to remove manually (by experienced users) or with an app like Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (for those with less experience). Ummy itself is 'clean' and just because some of the scripts it uses can be used maliciously doesn't mean Ummy is using them that way. Some Winamp utilities are often flagged (false positives) for the same reason.

Ummy can let you download the best available resolution of the videos, convert the video format, and extract the soundtrack as a separate music file (if you have a need for these extra features). Try it and you will probably like it.

However, for those who rather not take the chance or take the time to remove OpenCandy, there are several other 'safer' ways to download YouTube videos (as the suggestions in this thread indicate).

I agree that everyone should use the best anti-virus & anti-malware apps that they can afford. Real-time protection and/or regular manual scans is the only prudent way to use computers these days. I use ESET products and other free and commercial apps. Layered security in-depth is an approach that I highly recommend.

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