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I really don't see much point once you learn what you are dealing with.
If you need to convert, you need to edit or have a very specific reason.
I'll have to quote Aminifu here "Snake oil"
I see it offers to convert Youtube vids into MP4 really fast. Of course it does.
The vids are already in MP4 format, WebM and 3gp, the audio in a choice of AAC or OGG.

Try simply just downloading the size and type you want direct from the original, and then just playing it.
If you cannot play standard h264 MP4 videos then your device is very old, and will want MJPG-AVI or 3gp, or you just need to use a better video player on your PC.

Media Player Classic variants and VLC will play every format you will ever need, and even more you never will. You can also get VLC for smart phones.
Same reason why most of us use Winamp. It removes the need to degrade files by converting them, and allows you to just play whatever you get without any fuss.

If you genuinely need to convert something, then something like "Super" is probably a better option.

Mashups ? Smells like a lot of "Fishy Business" to me.
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