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How To Ruin A Website brought to you by...

...the new owners of Winamp.

Seriously! The winamp website has become a joke.
Poor design and the get winamp links point to this forum.

As for what used to be the best media player out there has become buggy to the point of being unusable.
Every shoutcast station not in my bookmarks, crashes winamp.

I have upgraded and spent hours trawling through
forum to find bug cures.

Unfortunately these bugs are reflected in the quality of the website too.
This is why |I am posting this thread in this section.

Has winamp been bought with the sole purpose of running it into the ground?
The website design and the fact the software has become next to useless
suggests this to be the case.

I have been using winamp since v1 and for the first time I can say
that the software and website has become exactly worth what I paid for them...

Working hard to re-energize winamp my Llama's ass!
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