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Originally Posted by djpete View Post
Fantastic first post. Gave me a laugh.
I think you made a mistake and have downloaded iTunes.
Haha ... you gave me a laugh back.
When iTunes came out the Macevangelists were full of it...over a 1000 stations they said...
whoopee i told 'em, Winamp has about 15000, a better interface, a great equalizer and i9t never crashes. I still have v2 on an old 586....saving that for my software museum!

It's just that the website now is dire, the design of Shoutcast interface in Winamp is poor. Previously it was really well laid out. Strangely a lot of sites seem to be adopting what looks like accessibility sites for the partially sighted, with enormous text...or else they are trying to design sites for all devices.

I think the owners should fix the site, or, revert to the old interface. What exists now gives me little confidence that the new Winamp will have a well thought out interface.

I heard Winamp was sold for $5M. If that is right, someone got a bargain. It wasn't broken so why try to fix it?

Pleased to have met you.

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