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@Chiggy: Thanks for your words! I'm glad you like it!

Answers: Radiance version, for me, is the cool one of the 3, in that one you'll that on hover (passing the mouse OVER buttons) each buttons has a glow, a shine, instead of only changing its color. At a first glance it is exactly like "normal" styler, but even without using the mouse over it you'll see 2 extra differences: Beatis has a subtle glow behind wich makes it look like it has some light from behind (really cool on dark themes) and when using Destop alpha ON, you'll see the "shadow" around the skin is faded, so it looks like the whole skin is shining.. (cool number 2! )

Shoutcast look is with the Online services aimed to Shoutcast.. (, not, which works fine but doesn't look like that..)

The separation you mention can be achieved by dragging the vertical line, which in some themes may be almost impossible to see...

@Aminifu: Strange error, I can't seem to reproduce it, can you post a screenshot? Also tell me from switching which skins (or "type of") generates this.
And remember (Chiggy too) that currently, Desktop Alpha is nice but has some problems when: using side playlist and resizing, and when using Docked toolbar.

And the overlap thing is an engine problem only made worst by me by forcing the upcase.. you can revert it back to "normal" (which for me is a bit too small to see..) opening ClassicPro.xml inside the skin folder and changing line 31 forceupcase="1" to forceupcase="0".
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