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I just meant that it would be pointless to start writing presets supported by a custom build which only 5 or 10 guys have their hands on. I know that Rovastar created a link for it at the website (that's "official" indeed) but it seems Redi Jedi is going to be working more on it, so we better wait and see where it gets and then start doing stuff for it.

For a requested feature, I can't think of anything too important; Perhaps we could use a read-only variable that will allow authors to compensate for the non-square pixel/resolutions. (I must say i've needed this at some time or another) I mean, you can draw a circle in some resolution, but it will look like an oval in some other. If you could know the video's resolution at run-time it would help come around that problem, you know what I'm talking about...
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