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if you really want to break things, you can make a custom language pack and try altering the accelerator tables in the appropriate resource files to have them fire off different actions instead of what is already defined (which means knowing the id of the action to replace it with).

but not every action is provided in those and it can cause more issues than it's worth if not done correctly i.e. it's an unsupported action and if you break your Winamp install then it's on your head.

and really it's a lot simpler to use a global hotkey bound to Winamp instead of hacking resource files (as much as you don't seem to like the idea of using them, the whole point of them is so you can within reason assign actions to alternate shortcuts).

so you really need to compromise on what you're wanting i think as you're probably not going to like having to mess around with resource files and all of the possible issues that entails.
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