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hey DrO

yeah, i see that . i also didnt mean that i dont like using the globals at all, i totally do

ctrl +< is forward
winkey +< is backward
winkey +^^ (the one above tap aka "zirkumflex") is 5 stars
alt +^^ is louder
ctrl+^^ is less loud (is there a word for in english?)
winkey + empty is start/pause

sometimes even using the very cool "mausii" which let me trigger key combinations through a mouse event (which is cool if you have more then 3 buttons on your mouse..

, i was just thinking of additional high performace handling directly within know like the one button one action idea..

just for the fun of it , in case, which resource file is it you mean please? and is there a cataloge of action codes? dont know sh*t about that kind of stuff

thanks anyway so far ! and best wishes christoph
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