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I had no idea so many people still used SC v1. From the bug report:
Originally Posted by on Chromium bug forum
Our DB of 91,218 radio servers show that 60,384 are still running Shoutcast v1. This is the vast majority of radio servers that will have any HTML5 players stop working from now o
It also looks like folks are now trying to hack sc v1 to change the ICY response.
Originally Posted by on Chromium bug forum
I patched DNAS version 1.9.8 to send radio streams back with an "HTTP/1.0" response line instead of "ICY": <website removed> .

I'm not familiar enough with SHOUTCast clients to know if that's kosher or not, but it seems to unbreak playing in Chrome 55 and might be an OK stopgap between DNAS 1.9.8 and 2.x. The protocols seem to have the exact same semantics.
It looks like we all finally have a good reason to upgrade to v2!

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